Robotics- Artificial Intelligence 2024

November 16-17, 2024 | Online Conference

Robotics & Types of Robotics
Robot Manipulation and Grasping
Robot Perception and Sensing
Robot Learning and Adaptation
Robot Motion Planning and Control
Human-Robot Interaction
Robot Ethics and Safety
Deep learning
Medical and Surgical Robotics
Robotic Vision and Perception
Robotics in different fields
Machine Learning Algorithms and Models
Natural Language Processing and Understanding
Computer Vision and Image Processing
Robotics & How Robot changes our life
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Neural Networks & Deep Learning
Artificial Intelligence in different fields
Artificial Intelligence in Law
Role of AI & Robotics in Industry & Business
Future Scope of AI
AI for Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Artificial Intelligence for Design Problems
Collaborative AI and modeling of humans
Knowledge-guided Machine Learning
Computer Science & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

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When will the conference take place?
Robotics- Artificial Intelligence 2024 will be held during June 15-16, 2024, Online Conference.
Where will the conference be held?
Virtually from home or work
How to submit an Abstract?
Send us your abstracts as per the sample template in Abstract Submission page or you can directly email to conference Program Manager.
Where do I go to register for the Robotics- Artificial Intelligence 2024 conference?
You can register for the conference via our online registration form
Can I still participate without Submitting the Abstract?
Yes, you can participate as a Delegate for the conference without submitting any paper.
What language should I speak during presentation?
The working language of the conference is English.
Do you have any template for paper submission?
Yes, we have a template for abstract submission. Please go to abstract submission page.
May I submit more than one proposal?
Yes. You may submit more than one proposal and participate in more than one session either in oral or poster sessions. However, you may not present more than two papers during the conference.
For any queries please contact us: